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Lenticulars and Promotional Products

Lenticular printing creates one of the most striking effects in use today. Lenticular effects can exponentially increase response rates and their communal buzz can resonate well beyond the initial recipient.

Customized items featuring a logo and message may be more appropriate for other occasions/situations. And Awards or Business Gifts are always appreciated.

Dimension excels at all of these and has been providing the design community with cutting edge innovative solutions since 1991.

Promotional Postcards

Lenticular flip of an infinity room titled The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, 2013 from the Yoyoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Exhibit tour

This flip of an Infinity Room, The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, 2013, was one of several Lenticular postcards Dimension created for the museum shops on the Yoyoi Kusama — Infinity Mirrors exhibit tour.

Collector Cards

GumGum Collectors Cards Bonus Points GumGum Collectors Cards Shoot the Moon

These video game-themed 3-flip Lenticular collector cards were produced in a limited edition for a special event.

Special Effects

Demonstrating an effect where a tiger appears to be turning their head from side to side and it appears to be 3-dimensional Eat Breakfast! circular lenticular showing three happy kids floating in air and surrounded by a large strawberry, blueberry, pineapple slice and banana slice, appearing to be in 3D

A variety of special effects are possible with Lenticulars, including these 3D effects using multiple really fine lenses. To see more examples, visit our Lenticular Case Studies.

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